Legislative Fundraisers/1933 Room

Since the early 1980’s, the MB&WWA has partnered with literally hundreds of state lawmakers to assist with their fundraising efforts through the use of function space for Lansing events. With our headquarters building just two blocks south of the State Capitol in Lansing it makes an ideal location for such events.

The MB&WWA completed a new office building in 2005 and included the 1933 Room, our function space on the lower level. In addition to meeting space for MB&WWA, the 1933 Room can be used by state lawmakers to host political events.   Raising the resources necessary to conduct successful political campaigns is a never ending struggle for state lawmakers and use of the 1933 Room can make the task more manageable. To learn more about the 1933 Room and inquire about scheduling a date for a fundraiser, contact Elaine Wilson at 517-482-5555 ext. 217.