New Reforms Promote Growth

Michigan distributors applaud the Michigan Legislature for its hard work to pass real reforms that promote the growth of Michigan’s economy. Diverse stakeholders came to the table and made compromises. Now, bipartisan reforms in Public Acts 46-50 and 353 of 2014 will modernize Michigan’s alcohol system and keep Michigan the Great Beer State!

Here’s what these reforms do:

  • Sustains the growth of Michigan’s beer industry – including our craft beer sector, the nation’s fifth largest – by allowing microbrewery and brewpub licensees to expand and by maintaining a fair marketplace.
  • Promotes market access and entrepreneurship for local beer producers, by allowing small start-up brewers to self-distribute, an unprecedented step.
  • Ensures a level playing field for all businesses by strengthening the long-standing prohibition on suppliers and distributors giving away free merchandise that can be used as inducements to exclude products/brands from the marketplace.
  • Promotes business growth by streamlining the licensing process and allowing businesses and entrepreneurs that follow the rules to operate quickly.
  •  Reduces red tape by streamlining revenue collection, from hundreds of entities in- and out-of-state, to a much smaller, more manageable number in-state.
  • Adds protections from lawsuits challenging Michigan’s regulatory system.
  • Allows bars and restaurants to buy logoed barware, addressing retailers’ concerns by providing a way to purchase through an independent third party in a regulated manner.