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Grand Rapids distributor named to chair U.S. wines, spirits trade group

Monday, April 13, 2015 2:31 PM | Anonymous

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: THURSDAY, April 9, 2015      CONTACT: Brien Fox, (616) 949‐1210

GRAND RAPIDS – Brien Fox, president and CEO of Grand Rapids‐based Henry A. Fox Sales Co., is being named the new chair of Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America, the national trade association for wine and spirits distributors. Fox is to be formally installed to his one‐year chairmanship at the WSWA national convention in Orlando, Fla., on Tuesday, April 14.  

 “I’m honored to be selected chair of an organization that truly brings a unique cross‐section of stakeholders, businesses and entrepreneurs together to help our companies, our employees and our communities compete, succeed and thrive across all 50 states,” Fox said. “As chair, I’ll help renew and strengthen our commitment to advancing the interests and independence of wine and spirits distributors. I look forward to helping guide the WSWA as it addresses the many issues, opportunities, and trends facing our industry at the national level.

” Fox is the second person in his family to chair the WSWA: His father, Henry “Happy” Fox, was chair of the national trade group in 1996. Happy Fox is also the 2015 recipient of the WSWA’s Wholesaler Lifetime Leadership Award. 

As the incoming WSWA chair, Brien Fox said his priorities include bringing diverse parties in the wine and spirits industry together to develop new partnerships that can lead to continued growth.  He said WSWA will also remain a strong advocate for common‐sense, responsible regulations that balance economic opportunities with the need to protect public health and safety.  

 “Alcohol is a product that, by its nature, will always need to be regulated,” Fox said. “WSWA will continue to spread the message that alcohol is a special product that must be marketed and sold in a special way so only responsible adults of legal drinking age have access to them. Other nations are struggling to find that balance, with sometimes deadly consequences. WSWA strongly believes that the modern regulated beverage system in the United States is a model that delivers choice, encourages growth and promotes responsibility. WSWA will continue to advocate for states’ rights and the ability for each state, including Michigan, to determine its own regulations and laws concerning the marketing and sales of alcohol beverages.

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