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Nevins named new president of Michigan beer & wine distributors association

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 1:37 PM | Anonymous

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” ounsel, a posi pert on Michig ns and coaliti edures of the r Control Com Department . He has deep sting me with ntinue their co ” Nevins said. while protecti etiring in June put in place b iation to the n ATE RELEASE b. 24, 2015 nformation, co ook (517) 482 Michig ent Spencer N family‐owned who became M on Michigan’s mily‐owned dis man Jim Tyler o build on the ition he has h gan’s alcohol ion building. A MB&WWA w mmission. of Treasury. H p experience the responsi ontributions t .

 “I look forwa ing public hea e.  Over the n by the MB&W next level.   : ontact: 2‐5555 gan be Nevins was to d distributors MB&WWA s alcohol stributors r. “After an e great work held since 200 regulations, As vice presid while serving His experienc in state bility of helpi to the ard to workin alth and safet ext few mont WWA Board t eer oday and that 06. As dent, as a ce ing ng ty.” ths, o


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