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Local program provides cab rides to reduce drunken driving this holiday season

Monday, December 16, 2013 2:17 PM | Anonymous

TRAVERSE CITY – A local program will provide free cab rides from Dec. 20 through News Year’s Day, Jan. 1, as part of an effort to reduce drunken driving during the holiday season. The “Alert Cab” program is sponsored by family-owned Traverse Citybased distributor, H. Cox & Son, Inc., and provides hundreds of free rides each year during the holiday season to help adult consumers get home safely. “H. Cox & Son strongly believes in supporting our community and Alert Cab is one program we’re proud to offer along with our partners to help keep our roads safe for everyone during the holidays,” H. Cox & Son Vice President Ryan Ribel said. “We want to do our part to help reduce drunken driving in our community. Our message is simple: If you’ve had a few drinks, please don’t get behind the wheel. Call a cab. Call a friend. Let someone else get you home.” H. Cox is partnering with local cab companies Cherry Capitol Cab. Co., Chippewa Cab. Co., Sovereign Cab Co. and Cadillac Cab Co. H. Cox & Son has offered its signature “Alert Cab” program since 1986 as a way to improve traffic and highway safety and ensure people who have consumed alcohol can get home safely and not endanger others on the roads. Under the program, participating taverns and restaurants in Grand Traverse County and in the city of Cadillac call cabs to get patrons home safely, at no charge to the patron or the tavern. The cabs are called when a patron may be impaired. H. Cox & Son pays for the cab rides, and is proud to offer Alert Cab in cooperation with the four area cab companies and taverns and restaurants in the Traverse City and Cadillac areas. “By working together, we can all make a difference in the fight against drunk driving,” Ribel said. “Remember that if Alert Cab prevents even one accident, the whole program is a success. We want to stress that Alert Cab is not a substitute for responsible drinking.” Since 1986, H. Cox and Son’s Alert Cab program has provided nearly 5,500 free rides. 


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